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Warren & Seth Scott: twin brothers in Half-Moon Bay, CA
We are twin brothers who have always worked together. First, during our decade plus long career in marketing promotions for Fortune 500 companies; and then we've worked as partners since 2016 to launch our start-up business called Hi-Drops.

Hi-Drops Cares!

Find Our Eye Drops In Ancortes, WA

Find Your Top-Quality Eyedrop Solution with Hi-Drops.

Hi-Drops makes it easy and affordable to provide great eyedrops to your customers.

Our top-quality eyedrop solution is available in bulk and wholesale.  Whether you have a high demand for quality eyedrops or you're looking for a great price, Hi-Drops can help.

Our eyedrop solution relieves:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Dry eyes

To learn more about Hi-Drops, email Hi@hi-drops.com today. 

4 reasons to switch to Hi-Drops

Save money with Hi-Drops! Hi-Drops is a top-quality eyedrop solution and is available at great prices for retailers. Check out these facts about how Hi-Drops works:

1. We sell eyedrops in bulk
2. We work with retail chains
3. We offer wholesale pricing
4. We ship all over the United States

Whether you own a mom and pop shop or a chain of health stores, let Hi-Drops help you provide excellent products while saving money. Email Hi@Hi-Drops.com for more information today!

We make ordering eye drops a breeze

With Hi-Drops, you can place an order online and schedule routine deliveries whenever needed.  If you don't need more product scheduled at the time, email us and we'll put your upcoming delivery on hold.  When you're running low, send an email and let us know that you're ready for the next shipment of supply.
Email Hi@Hi-Drops.com to place your eye-drop order today.

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