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Give your customers the best eye drop options

Hi-Drops makes it easy and affordable to provide great eye drop options for your customers. We sell all the top trusted eye care brands in bulk and wholesale. Whether you have a high demand for eye drops or you’re looking for a great price, Hi-Drops can help.

Our most popular eye drop formulas relieve:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Dry eyes

To learn more about the products and brands we carry, email today. 

4 reasons to switch to Hi-Drops

Is your eye drop provider saving you money? If not, place your next order with Hi-Drops. We provide leading eye drop brands at great prices. Email Hi-Drops to make the switch today because:

1. We sell eye drops in bulk
2. We work with retail chains
3. We offer wholesale pricing
4. We ship all over the United States

Whether you own a mom and pop shop or a chain of health stores, let Hi-Drops help you provide excellent products while saving money. Email for more information today!

We make ordering eye drops a breeze

You don’t have to set aside time to dig up your eye drop provider’s information, place an order and wait for the product. With Hi-Drops, you can place an
order through our order form and schedule routine deliveries whenever needed. If you don’t need more product at the scheduled time, email us and we’ll put your upcoming delivery on hold. When you’re running low, email and let us know you’re ready for the next supply.

Email Hi-Drops today to place your eye drop order.

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